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Recreation for high demands

Spas have a long tradition. Already in the past, the combination of medical care in a relaxing environment and natural remedies was appreciated. The interaction of medicine, wellness and fitness leads to a sustainable, holistic regeneration. A stay at a spa can be indicated during or after illnesses, after operations - also as an alternative to inpatient rehabilitation - as well as in cases of physical and mental exhaustion.
As a certified spa and medical wellness hotel in the soothing surroundings of the Parkresort Rheinfelden, we help our spa guests to get back on their feet quickly and feel completely at ease.
Our wide range of medical services is of course also available to you during a recreational stay without a doctor's prescription.

Medically prescribed spa

With a medical prescription, the medical or therapeutic costs are covered by basic insurance. Your referring doctor will decide whether you need a cure or a spa cure on the basis of your overall situation.
Within the framework of an initial examination by our specialists, a tailor-made therapy program will be put together for you. All cures also allow for water therapy, if indicated for you.
During your stay, you will be looked after by nursing staff from our in-house Spitex organisation, if required.

Medical cure concept

Therapeutin übt mit Patient in MTT-Raum an Geräten
Ältere Gäste stossen auf Rheinterrasse mit Apérol an

Restful 4-star comfort

In the soothing environment of the Park Hotel, relaxation and regeneration are made easy for you. Our friendly staff will make sure that you feel completely at ease.

Our spa package includes overnight stays in stylishly furnished rooms on the Park or Rhine side, a rich breakfast buffet, a 4-course selection menu (at noon or in the evening) and unlimited admission to the adjacent sole uno wellness world.

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Recreational stays with medical expertise

Of course, you can also make use of our wide range of medical services during your stay without a spa prescription, e.g. physiotherapy or complementary medical treatments. It is best to make the appropriate appointments in our therapy center before your arrival.

If you require nursing support during your stay, our in-house Spitex can assist you according to your needs after a prior consultation.
We also have a special offer with nursing support for caring relatives.

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Craniosacral-Therapie in der Salina

What you should know about your spa stay at Park-Hotel am Rhein:

Please check with your doctor or hospital whether you are in need of a spa. 
If this is the case, the spa registration form will be sent to us and your health insurance company. Your medical certificate of admission allows us to make a reservation in one of our comfortable and appropriately furnished rooms (e.g. with motor bed if required).

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If insurers approve a cure, the medical or therapeutic costs are usually covered by the mandatory basic insurance (except for the deductible and annual franchise). We settle benefits directly with your insurer.
The stay is at your expense and must be paid on site. A deposit for the cure is made on the day of arrival. After your treatment, you will receive a confirmation of your overnight stay. You can forward this to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Please check in advance with your insurance company whether the hotel costs will be covered.

During a spa break, the frequency and intensity of treatment is lower than during inpatient rehabilitation, which requires 24-hour nursing and medical care as well as intensive therapeutic measures.
The insurer pays for a maximum of two treatments per day in the case of a medically prescribed spa.
In the case of a cure, the guest is required to be independent during the night.

In the case of inpatient rehabilitation, the costs are covered in full by the insurance company, provided that this is medically justified and a cost approval has been obtained.

On the day of your arrival, we will be happy to meet you at the reception of the Park-Hotel am Rhein.
Your room will be ready for you from 2pm. Whenever possible, you can also move into your room earlier. If this cannot be realized, our lounge is at your disposal.

With your reservation confirmation you have already received your first appointment with one of our medical specialists. In the course of this initial examination, a therapy program tailored to your needs will be put together.
Please note: There is no initial consultation on weekends.

As a rule, the first therapy session will take place on the day of arrival. This cannot always be guaranteed in the case of last-minute reservations.
Our in-house Spitex will contact you on the day of admission and plan with you the support for your care during your stay.

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Route description

On the day of arrival, an admission interview takes place with a nurse from our in-house Spitex. A needs assessment is made, any necessary aids are evaluated and the dates for the Spitex services are set.
Spitex assignments take place between 7am - 10pm. Night-time visits can only take place with the agreement of Spitex and must be scheduled.

Based on the initial examination, a therapy program tailored to your needs is put together. Most health insurance companies cover a maximum of 2 therapy sessions per day. You are welcome to book additional therapies at your own expense.
You will receive the therapy schedule on a weekly basis from Saturday to Friday. On Saturday, therapies only take place in the morning, Sunday is for recreation.

The varied offer of the sole uno bathing and sauna world is available to you daily from 8:00 to 22:00. You can reach the wellness world via a direct connecting corridor from the hotel and can thus go swimming in your bathrobe, which is ready for you in your room.

We would like to point out that there is no assistance available for accessing the pools.
Exception: in the case of aquatic therapy, if necessary, the physiotherapist will assist you in getting in and out of the pool.
If you need help with showering and changing, you can book this service separately with our in-house Spitex by appointment.


The room is at your disposal until noon on the day of departure.
If you still need assistance at home, we will organize the necessary help for you.
You will receive a brief report for the family doctor and, if necessary, a prescription for medication and/or therapy.

Physiotherapy with medical prescription

The prescription is issued by your family doctor. Before your arrival, we ask you to arrange the therapy appointments with our therapy scheduling department by handing in the medical prescription and the confirmation of coverage of your health insurance.
The therapy costs will be invoiced directly to your insurance company after your stay.

Physiotherapy without prescription

As a self-payer, you can also supplement your stay with physiotherapy without a prescription. We ask you to book the desired therapies directly with our therapy disposition before arrival. The costs are to be paid directly on site.

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Complementary medicine offer

Appointments for treatments in the field of complementary medicine are best made before your arrival.
After your stay, you will receive the invoice for the services you have received by mail.
The participation of the health insurances in the area of complementary medicine varies greatly. Please clarify the conditions in advance with your health insurance company.

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Do you need nursing support during your stay?

Our in-house Spitex is available to you from 7.00-22.00 at pre-arranged appointments.

In order for our Spitex team to be able to plan the assignments in good time, we need information about your care needs when you make your reservation. For more complex assistance, we will contact you in advance.
If necessary, an emergency call button can be installed in the room for your safety. For this we need an early reservation. Our reception or Spitex team will inform you about the current costs. We would like to point out that this emergency button may only be used in the event of a medical emergency.
As a rule, we do not offer night callouts. Exceptions must be discussed directly with Inhouse Spitex prior to making a reservation. As a general rule, only night calls that can be scheduled are possible.

An initial consultation takes place on the day of arrival in your hotel room. The appointments are planned with you, the nursing needs and any necessary aids are determined. We will send the detailed requirements to your family doctor by means of a requirements notification form. We ask you to have your health insurance card and the address of your family doctor ready.
With the notification of need, which has been validated by your family doctor, the costs for the basic care services will be covered by your basic insurance.

The service is charged at 5-minute intervals, with a minimum of 10 minutes to be reimbursed.
The patient's contribution amounts to 20% of the insurer's contribution, but not more than CHF 15.35 per day, in accordance with § 32 Para. 1 of the Nursing Care Ordinance.
Cancellations and postponements of appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance, after which they will be invoiced.

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I will gladly advise you

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Reservation Manager

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