Healthcare services

Because you deserve the best healthcare available

Medicine is an essential part of the Rheinfelden Parkresort and has a well established tradition here. The Salina medical centre offers the latest diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and an experienced team of specialists, therapists and nursing staff. Working together, they focus on one goal every day: your health.

Gespräch Patientin mit medizinischen Fachpersonen

Healthcare specialists

The Salina specialist medical centre in the Rheinfelden Parkresort is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals offering consultations and treatments.

Akupunkturnadeln werden am Rücken angebracht

Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine forms an important part of our treatment services. Different forms of therapy can help alleviate pain, allow blocked energy to flow again and bring lasting relaxation.

Patient macht Übung im Wasser mit Therapeutin


At the Salina Therapy Center, we pursue an optimal combination of different forms of therapy with two principal aims: to restore and maintain the functionality and resilience of our patients and to ensure long-term treatment success.

Pflegerin begleitet Patientin mit Rollator durch sonnigen Park

In-house Spitex – keeping you moving

The Salina centre in the Rheinfelden Parkresort includes an in-house Spitex organisation. This is designed for spa guests at the Park Hotel am Rhein who are restricted in their mobility, e.g. after surgery or in cases of pain. Our fully trained staff provide comprehensive, individually tailored care for illness, disability or age-related movement restriction.