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The Park-Hotel am Rhein has been participating in the Swisstainable sustainability program of Swiss tourism since 2021. As part of the joint commitment, the values and responsibility of the company are summarized with regard to ecological, social and economic aspects. In this context, we focus intensively on topics such as waste reduction, recycling and separate disposal, minimizing water consumption, optimizing products and work equipment for sustainability and conscious procurement and investment decisions for a climate-friendly and resource-conserving environmental balance. Anchoring our sustainability efforts in all departments, implementing the defined measures and clear communication both internally and to our guests and partners will be a high priority for us in the coming years.

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Extract from our measures

We can't completely avoid leftover bread either. What we are not allowed to reuse is regularly donated to the animal sanctuary in Kaisten. www.tierlignadenhof.ch

To minimize transport routes, we work with local companies wherever possible.

Food and food waste is shredded in our shredder, stored in an airtight container and delivered to a biogas plant by tanker approximately every 4-6 weeks. The compact storage enables us to reduce transportation to the biogas plant to a minimum.

Two of these nimble, silent helpers are now out and about on the Parkresort grounds. In the past, mowing our large lawn generated a lot of noise and consumed a lot of gasoline. Today, almost the entire area is "grazed" quietly and reliably by robotic mowers.

Until 2020, the waste heat from salt production in the Riburg salt works was fed directly to us via a pipeline. This made it possible to sustainably generate around 80% of the energy needed to treat the hot bathing water, as well as heat for the hotel. Since 2021, the heat has been used for the SwissShrimps farm in Möhlin. As a replacement, a wood chip system was integrated into the heating network.

Our guest pens are made from recyclable plastic in Switzerland.

We avoid single-use plastic wherever possible, for example:

  • In the kitchen, we use silicone containers for food storage.
  • Grated cheese is served in glass or porcelain bowls.
  • Our suppliers secure deliveries with straps wherever possible.

There is an increasing demand for air-conditioned rooms in summer. We are of the opinion that a fully air-conditioned hotel is neither healthy nor energy-efficient. For this reason, we have only equipped our restaurants and some of our seminar rooms with air conditioning units or cooling ventilation coupled with a heat exchanger. In the hotel rooms, we use sun blinds to provide shade and provide fans in the rooms during the hot season. This enables us to achieve a comfortable room temperature with minimal energy consumption.

We recycle all hard soaps and bottles of shower gel and shampoo from our hotel guests. The company Sapocycle recycles them and donates the products to families in need.

Our guests are actively involved by being able to decide for themselves whether and how often the bed linen and towels are changed during their stay. For therapy, our guests receive a reusable cloth towel including a rucksack.


For over 150 years, the Park-Hotel am Rhein has stood for first-class hospitality and quality. Our historic building bears the marks of a rich hotel and spa history. But we are not resting on our laurels. Our mission statement "For you - very personal" is our promise to you that your satisfaction and well-being are our top priority. Our multi-faceted structure ensures seamless collaboration between our internal experts for the benefit of our guests. Our commitment to quality is reflected not only in words, but also in numbers. We set the highest standards with our certifications and quality reporting. The exceptional satisfaction of our guests speaks for itself, with a TrustYou score of 88.31/100 and a top ranking in our internal surveys.

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