Leisure activities

Discover a wide range of possibilities.


Arts and culture in Basel

Long established as Switzelrand's cultural capital, Basel is just 15 minutes away. Discover its many shops and museums, or simply take in its laid-back cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Ship ahoy!

Take the boat from Rheinfelden to Basel along the River Rhine. Discover hidden gardens and houses at a leisurely pace from completely new perspectives. Anchors away!

Augusta Raurica

The Roman town of Augst contains over twenty monuments and sites. From the well preserved Roman theatre north of the Alps to the Roman house and the massive fort wall, you can visit, walk and touch.

Cycling with a boost

Cycle along the legendary Rhine with the wind in your hair and some extra power in your wheels from one of our ebikes. Don't forget to pick up your free map from reception.

Mann und Frau laufen mit Nordic-Walking-Stöcken vor Hoteleingang los

Follow the Rhine

Along the banks of the Rhine, information boards provide facts and figures about the local flora and fauna. Take a two hour walking tour and discover the diversity of this beautiful natural landscape.

Walking in the Fricktal valley

Experience the region at its best along the Fricktaler Höhenweg trail. From cherry blossom in spring, to blazes of colour in autumn to snow-covered mountains in winter, it's magical at any time of year.

Get the Rheinfelden app

Let the app guide you through the old town of Rheinfelden. Take a 30 minute or one hour tour and explore the history of one of the oldest Zähringer cities in Switzerland.

Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden

No surprise that one of the world's most beautiful breweries should produce one of the world's best-tasting beers. Take a 90 minute to two hour tour of the brewery, culminating, of course, in an opportunity to sample the beer.

Castle Habsburg

Take a tour of the castle and learn all about the building and its settlement history. Enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of the Bernese Oberland, Eastern Switzerland, the Jura and the Black Forest.

Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

A pleasure palace for children of all ages that tells the history of children's toys over four floors. Features figurines from all over the world, doll's houses, over 2,500 teddy bears and furry friends, toy cars and much more.

Frick Dinosaur Museum

The only museum in Switzerland to feature a complete skeleton of a plateosaurus, which was discovered in a clay pit near Frick. As well as a wide range of fossils on display, there is also a fascinating film showing how the Frick dinosaurs were uncovered.

Läckerli-Huus confectioner's

A sweet seduction awaits you in the traditional Läckerli-Huus in Frenkendorf. Look back on the 100-year history of confectioners and chocolatiers and the worlds of pleasure they created. Learn all about the traditions of a delicious craft. Alex, the baker's apprentice, will take you on a journey of discovery.