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Markus Bisig
Good hotel business is easy to define: When the guest leaves the house happier than when he arrived.
Brigitte Schär
Vice Director
It is the little things that make perfection, but perfection is anything but a little thing.
Boris Torossi
F&B Manager
Life is too short to drink bad wine!
Carmen Wagner; Leiterin Reservation Kuren
Carmen Wagner
Reservation Manager
Hospitality consists of a little warmth, a little food and great peace.
Elke Frey
Head of Reception
There is no greater pleasure than surprising someone by giving them more than they expected.
Evi Bachmann
1. Housekeeper
The true art of living is to see the miraculous in the mundane.
Andrea Hänggi
2. Housekeeper
There is nothing better than bringing a smile to our guests' faces every day.
René Scherbarth
Gastronomy Manager
Hospitality means: You have to like people.
Thomas Chee
Service Manager
There is nothing good unless you do it.
Ernst Tobler
The ordinary gives life permanence. The extraordinary its value.
Alain Ehrhart
Sous Chef
To double happiness, you have to share it!